Top 5 Tips: Sell More with Instagram

Have you ever wondered how could you turn your followers into clients? My purpose with this article is to show you the Instagram top 5 tips every marketer needs to know to engage more with their followers and start directing that traffic directly to their online store, so they could turn into customers.

But how is it possible? It’s not easy, that’s true, however, it is possible as there are many companies and brands using some of these strategies. Stay focused for 10 minutes, it will be worth.

2.1. The power of BIO description

Your BIO is 1 of the 2 areas of your Instagram that can get your followers to your website and this is what makes it so important. In this area, you are going to highlight what is your Instagram page all about and if there is any news that your followers should know. Remember that you will get new followers every day, so it is important that you focus on a bio that communicates what you want your customers to hear. Here you have a good example:

Airbnb did it well! In the first part, you have a short introduction of what is this page all about and for those who already know it, there is a link where you can start booking! In my opinion, I would add some emojis to give a little more focus on the part of Booking. But they have also used the tactic of hashtags that I’ll talk later.
And here an example of a brand with almost 10 million followers not taking advantage of the audience:

2.2. The power of native photos

Coming to the second Instagram 5 Top Tips, when you go to Instagram, one of the things I like the most is seeing pictures of real people, without photoshop. I like to see how my friends are living and how brands can turn into “real people”. Although there are certain brands that did not get this. If you have the opportunity to upload native content and it is simple to produce, why are going to lose time and resources when that is not what your followers, and Instagram users in general, are looking?
Here you have a good example of what national geographic did (and did it well, very well, indeed) when the solar eclipse took place.

And where you have an example of what you should not do:

2.3. Hashtags – How to do it well

Honestly, I’ve realized that most part of the people using social media doesn’t understand how to use properly the hashtags. Worst is that social media manager or community managers don’t get it too.
The benefits of hashtags are that you can share your whole brand with different users all over the world with the same interests or that share the same content as you do.

Also, it is important that you understand that not all the hashtags are relevant or are not used for so many users. You got the example of #quoteoftheday. This hashtag is one of the most used all over the world and is associated with quotes from all types. Of course, it would be difficult for you to be found between 20 million.

Although there are other hashtags that do not have any use:

You can also start creating your own hashtag where you will be telling people to use when talking about you. With this you can track how many people are talking about your brand, what are they saying and who are them. You can find your most valued customers, those who defend your brand.

2.4. Stories – The right hook

In my personal opinion, I believe that Instagram stories are the right hook to convert your followers into customers. Instagram accounts like HubSpot, Entrepreneur, Buffer does it very well in terms of Stories. They take advantage of using them to pull their followers to different blog posts offering different topics as all of their followers won’t be interested in the same things.

Now, it’s not necessary your account to be verified to associate links, as Instagram is releasing them to all users, but not at the same time. As it says, Instagram stories are the best place to take advantage of storytelling to convert. Here are some examples of how to give the right hook! This is my favourite Instagram 5 Top Tips without doubts!

2.5. Influencers – The new word of mouth

Influencers are changing how brands communicate. They are not compared to brand ambassadors as they can be cheaper and in some times they just earn what they sell through their social media platforms. There are organizations that work exclusively with influencers. The first that comes to my mind is HAWKERS CO. They had a strategy where they contacted directly people that seem influent in Instagram and asked them if they would be interested in promoting their Brand in exchange for merchandising and products of the brand. Of course, for some people, this could be cool, however, if every influencer they get got, at least, 5,000 people they will communicate to millions without spending money on advertising. Here you got two examples of how to communicate to more than 100,000 people without spending a simple penny on Ads.






With only 2 days, these two photos got more something like 4,000 likes from different countries. This happens because they are influencers in their region as you can see by a number of followers they got:


Have you noticed that Valentina did better than Gianmarco on her BIO? Unfortunately, Gianmarco got all of those followers but still doesn’t know how to properly use Instagram and take advantage in this situation. So, if I want to collaborate with Valentina, I know the easier way to get there. But if I want to speak with Gianmarco and he doesn’t follow me, my message won’t appear instantly as it will appear as a request for a message in the top right corner of his direct message inbox.

These are some tips that I’ve been learning and studying for a lot of time and for what I’ve been seeing in other brands, it really works! So, give it a try and say me what was the result.