Top 4 Youtube Tips to Drive More Traffic to your Website

The main goal of this article is to explain how you can attract more visitors to your YouTube channel optimizing your videos. With more viewers, you will automatically get more subscribers. And then you will be able to convert those visitors and subscribers into traffic to your E-commerce platform. To help you with this strategy I will highlight some of the best practices. Let’s move on and find the Top YouTube Tips to Drive more Traffic to your Website!


1.1. The optimization of video titles

You can consider that the video title is most important part of your video, without a doubt. Your video title has two main functions:

  • Tell the search engine what your video is about. This part is related to search engine optimization and it will make easier the work of search engines if you make it easy to be understood.
  • Tell your viewer about your video is about. It is important that you also focus on your target as you are not going to create video content for the search engine “only”, but mainly for your audience. So make sure the first time you read it will be clear to know what is it about.


Keep in mind that are certain aspects should be considered when you are creating titles for SEO:

  • Keyword – As the name says, your keyword is your most important word, right? So I suggest you place it at the beginning of your title. After your keyword, you can add the value proposition.
  • Relevancy –  Is it clear that your title specifics what is your video about?
  • Exact Phrase Matching – The perfect match here happens when you write the specific title that your audience will be typing in the search bar. Here are two secret tips: use YouTube’s auto-complete function – it will give you suggestions after you start typing your keywords. And also Google related Search Phases.

1.2. How to use video descriptions to engage

In this part of the process, you are already starting to attract your visitors to the place you want them to go: your website. Although it is necessary that you understand how you can take advantage of your description as there you can write a lot and add links to other networks.

Here are some few tips that you should take into consideration:

  • Use your keywords in your video description. Take in mind that you should not spam the same words over and over again trying to trick the search engines. Remember that they are smart, however, you are writing for “people” not for computers.
  • Add links to your description, but links that make sense, otherwise you will trying to sell something that is not related to the content of the video your audience was watching. Create Call to actions to subscribe your channel like the image we present you below.
  • Create links with the URL Builder so you can source where that traffic came from. It is important for you to know if it really came from your YouTube description, YouTube video description, Playlist description, etc.
  • Use emojis. Make sure to use the right emojis related to what you are saying and more important than that, emojis that can be combined with feelings more than words.
  • Remember to create links for other related videos. I can give you a quick example: If you made a part 1 and part 2 to make the video shorter, it will be important if you can add each part in the other part description.
  • Create a specific section well divided for your other social media networks, so your audience can know a little bit more about you if they are new.
  • You can also create links for your different playlists or specific URLs for different parts of your video. In the minute 2:40 if you mentioned your Facebook Ads Ebook, you can create a shortcut to the minute 02:40 in the description and as you click on it, will open in the minute 2:40 immediately.




1.3. The power of Thumbnails

A video thumbnail is a snapshot that let viewers see what is your video about and it illustrates it. Make sure that your video thumbnail has the best quality as possible, preferably HD.

I suggest you add some text in your image as it will be easier for your audience to recognize the theme that the video will be about. This can be a strategy combined with the video title as the text in the thumbnail does not count for SEO purposes.  


1.4. Endscreen to pursue visitors to watch more videos

Endscreen is one of the most recent tools that was designed for mobile purposes. It makes possible to add a call to actions for external URL’s inside your video, other videos related (or not) and a subscribe button. Although the endscreen tool is only available in the last 20 seconds of your video as you can not use it in the beginning, for example.

Here are some examples of how you can take advantage of your endscreen to make sure your audience goes to your E-commerce platform or even to related videos if you think it is too early to convert.


These are some of the strategies I can suggest you drive more traffic to your website using YouTube, and I will be glad to know other you would like to share with me!