7 Snapchat Tips For Your Marketing Strategy

More than 700 million photos & videos are shared daily on snapchat! That’s right, 700 million! It’s the 3rd biggest social media network after Facebook and Instagram. And now you should be asking: “If I’m using other social media like “Linkedin”, “Twitter” and many more, why am I not using snapchat? The first answer that comes to your mind is probably that this is a social media that aim for kids. However you couldn’t be more wrong! You’ll find the best lol ranks here, you have time to get it!

In 2014, following statista’s website found that 31% of snapchat users were between 18-24 years old, and 19% of them were 25 years old or more! And if your audience is more likely to be female audience, this is good news for you: 70% from the users were women. You may be thinking that your organization doesn’t have the right audience to use this social media, but look at McDonald’s, GrubHub or Juventus. Different types of organizations using this social media and taking advantages of it. Get great bonuses on the site with dansk casino. Limited offer.

how to use snapchat for business


How can I integrate snapchat in my marketing strategy? Here are some tips:


1. Take photos of quick moments and capture interesting videos

You have to understand that snapchat lets you share “snaps” also known as moment that will get deleted in a short time and this can be a good advantage for you, as they lose their meaning or importance over time.

This means that you can send cupons or vouchers to your contact list. You can create vouchers that will be available only for the next 24 hours and so you can measure the range of your audience so far. On the other hand you will make your audience feel different and exclusive as they think that the message will only be available for each one of them.


2. Review new products or services

 Making your audience and clients feel special is showing them something before everybodyelse. This is a great opportunity for you to show them the review of new products or making them beta testers.


3. Promoting behind the scenes

If you use constantly Youtube or record videos for your different social media, you can now record videos of how everything is done and all the processes that it takes to get a professional and final video.


4. Capture real moments

The true purpose of snapchat is to capture real and quick moments. Your audience won’t have enough time to see if everything was well prepared. Don’t give too much importance to little details and forced scenarios.


5. Snapchat don’t suggest other pages or profiles

As we all know, there are no ads on snapchat. This can be good or not. It will always depend on your point of view. Although it also doesn’t suggest any other profiles or pages. So, it will be difficult to find you right? Wrong! You have to incorporate your snapchat strategy with your other social media strategies. For example, changing your profile photo in all your different social media networks, so you can warn your followers that you are now available on a new social media.

snapchat mcdonald's


6. The perfect tool to marry with storytelling

No more excuses! Now you have the perfect tool to create beautiful stories to engage with your audience! It isn’t about “beautiful” stories. It’s about true and meaningful stories! 


7. Facilitate access to events

You are at an event, and as you know, all of your audience isn’t there. There are a lot of excuses for not attending, but you can now show them how it is going. Creating a relationship with your audience forces you to feed it all the time, don’t forget.


What does snapchat users like the most?

1.       Exclusive

2.       Engaging

3.       Live content

Snapchat was the fastest growing social/messaging app in 2014

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